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How to pack for a ski vacation

How to Pack for Your Ski Getaway

There is no doubt that packing for a ski vacation can be tough – the sport definitely requires a lot of gear! Here is a quick overview on what we would suggest packing for your next winter getaway to Vail.

Winter Weather Wonderland

The winter temperatures in Colorado can vary wildly – sunny warm days on the mountain can quickly give way to chilly nights. It is crucial to wear several layers that can be added and then easily shed – and make sure your outwear and socks are waterproof! We’d suggest bringing a few heavy sweaters, hoodies, turtlenecks, long underwear and snow boots. And don’t forget warm hats, gloves & scarves!

Rent Ski Gear Locally

There are many places throughout the Vail Valley where you can rent the ski and snowboard gear necessary for a family vacation. We recommend you let our official ski rental and delivery partner, Venture Sports, bring the ski shop right to your door.

Venture Sports will fit you and your family for gear in the comfort of your own condo, and change out whatever isn’t working upon request! Contact the Concierge to make your reservations.

Lather up!

The Rocky Mountain sun is definitely strong – don’t forget to pack lip balm and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Protect Your Brain

Helmets are great for overall safety. If you chose to not wear a helmet, make sure to bring a warm hat that at least covers your ears. And protect your eyes with ski goggles or sunglasses.

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